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mini aussie, Miniature American Sheherds Nationals Mini Aussie Mini Australian Shepherd

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Mini Austrailan Shepherd Nationals Mini Aussies Mini Australian Shepherd
mini aussie, Miniature American Sheherd, Timeless Trilogy Best of Breed,


Currently accepting deposits for new puppies to be born in May.

Please see the Puppies for Sale page for more information!




Site Update on 5-24-24

Breeder/Owner/Handler of Miniature American Shepherds. Also known as Mini Aussies or Miniature Australian Shepherd

Established in 2005.


We split off from Kennels in 2005 and started Timeless Aussies


I am a third generation breeder of the Miniature American Shepherd.  I have been the President of the AKC Parent Breed Club (MASCUSA) for 17 years.

7/20-Current VP of MASCUSA


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Puppies for Sale

Guaranteed for life against hereditary and temperament problems

Miniature American Shepherd Puppies.  Also known as Miniature Australian Shepherds, Mini Aussies or Mini Americans

Text (805)450-5088 for the Timeless Deposit Form

Timeless Conformation Dogs

Champions and Grand Champions Bred by Karen Ross of Timeless

We produce top performing dogs in Conformation, Agility, Herding, Rally and Obedience.  Our dogs can and will do it all!  We have the top performing Sire and Dam for two consecutive years.

Performance Dogs

Herding, Agility, Rally and Obedience Title Dogs Bred by Karen Ross of Timeless

With over 30 years of experience and countless clients, you can rest assured that when that perfect performance dog comes along, we know it!

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Karen Ross with Grand Champion Savanna

  My Breeding Philosophies:

  I only have a couple of mini Aussies/Miniature American Shepherds that live with me.  I don't have a breeding kennel operation.  When I have a nice, show/breed quality puppy, I place that puppy in a family home where I can advance my lines in the future.  I don't breed to supply a demand, but rather breed to produce the best possible litter I can.  Traditionally, I will only keep one puppy from a cross and place them in a co-owned family home.  The remaining pups are sold on strict spay/neuter contracts.  With the way I do things here at Timeless, my Miniature American Shepherds get great family homes, instead of sitting in a breeding kennel facility.  Minis are family orientated and need to be part of a family.    

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